Repair & Restoration

Royal Blue Topaz Ring ready to be set

Let us bring your old jewellery back to life!!

Over time Jewellery can become worn or get damaged.

TORY & KO. Jewellers have a jewellery workshop in Wellington where we can repair, re-size or re-create your jewellery.
Some of our services include:

Clean, check and polish
Re-sizing rings
Re-plating (rhodium or gold)
Re-claw settings with worn claws around gemstones
Re-making worn settings
Re-shanking worn bands on rings (building up the metal when it gets thin)
Re-setting and finding replacements for lost gemstones, pearls, marcasites etc
Repairing broken clasps or chains
Re-threading Pearls or beads
Soldering Charms
Valuations on items once repaired

Contact Victoria or Kirstin today if you have any jewellery repair queries.

Tory at workbench
Victoria assessing the setting on a ring at her workbench.